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Photo Of The Day: Full Moon

Full Moon


Photo of the Day: Chasing Shadows

Shooting shadows

Shooting shadows


Photo Of the Day: Fill My Glass


Photo of The Day: Crap

You go to shoot a Very Important Event (VIE) and right before the hand over, some guy decides to pop this crap right before the most important moment-the hand over. I cant help but scream ‘crap!’. crap

Hearts of Gold

Tinne Verstrepen holds twelve-year-old Ivan Mwima's scarred hand

Tinne Verstrepen holds twelve-year-old Ivan Mwima’s scarred hand

I was touched by the story of twelve-year-old Ivan Mwima whose fortunes changed when the team rescued him. Like most cases in Uganda, the cause of Mwima’s severe facial and hand burns is unclear but they left him with disfigured hands and unblinking eyes. His eye always had tears dripping because he could not close it to ward off flies and dust. He suffered jibes at St James Qualitative Primary School which greatly affected grades.

Ivan Mwima

After the surgery in 2011 at Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services (CoRSU) on Entebbe road, Mwima’s performance improved. He was the second in his class after the third-term exams beating 30 classmates.

According to Tienne, the humanitarian work is done in every country that Brussels Airlines has a station in.


Photo Of the Day: Teachers’ Strike

Photo Of the Day: Teachers' Strike

Ugandan teachers under their umbrella organisation Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) have entered the second day of the countrywide strike. The teachers are demanding for a 100% salary increment in the financial year 2012-2013. However, Education Minister Alupo reiterated the Government’s commitment to increase teachers’ salaries up to 50% by financial year 2014/2015.

The teachers have presented a petition to the Deputy today and will be discussed later this afternoon.
In Uganda the starting salary for a teacher is 270,000 shillings (approx 112.5 USD)

Photo of The Day: Radio & TV

 Weasel & Radio put on a great show

                                                               Weasel & Radio put on a great show                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Mowzey  Radio (in white) and Weasel aka Weasel TV (in black) launched their 5th album on Friday 11 at Hotel Africana in Kampala Uganda. The dynamic duo have made a mark on the Ugandan music scene after splitting from Chameleone’s Leone Island crew and forming their own Good Lyfe Crew. They received great reviews in the local papers. Here is The Observer story.