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Sights and Sounds

Safari Park Hotel

Safari Park Hotel

I was in Nairobi over the weekend and we stayed at Safari Park Nairobi. Its a splendid place. Here is a view of part of the swimming pool area.


Little Mogadishu

Uganda contributes the biggest percentage of troops to African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom). Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) went to Somalia in 2007 and contigent consists of 5,700 troops at any one time of the total 16,723. Uganda is highly credited for contributing towards the stability of the country in the Horn of Africa.


Uganda has a training base north of the capital Kampala known as the Peace Support Training Centre at Singo, in Nakaseke district.



6,000 troops have undergone trainin at this centre also known as ‘Little Mogadishu’SAM_0409

Kampala at night – 01

Kampala by night 01I am going to run pictures taken around Kampala City at night. Here is the first one.

Rainbow of Murchison Falls

Rainbows are forever

Rainbows are forever

I shot this image at the spot where Murchison Falls starts. Our guide assured us that rainbows are part of the scenery here. One is likely to find multiple rainbows at this spot anytime of the day.

Photo of the day: Sunset of the Nile

Sunset over the Nile

Sunset over the Nile

Uganda is not the Pearl of Africa for nothing. I was at Paraa Lodge over the weekend. The scenery of this place located along the River Nile is Amazing. Here is a shot of the sun set.

Photo of the day: Wild Waters

Wild Waters Lodge

Wild Waters Lodge

Uganda is not reffered to as the pearl of Africa for nothing. Its a haven for tourists and one cannot have enough of the Chimps, Mountain Gorillas, Mountains, Valleys, River, Lakes, Birds, Culture, Antiques….. One of the images taken at Wild Waters Lodge. In Kayunga District


Photo Of The Day: Christ the King Church

Christ The King Church