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Hearts of Gold

Tinne Verstrepen holds twelve-year-old Ivan Mwima's scarred hand

Tinne Verstrepen holds twelve-year-old Ivan Mwima’s scarred hand

I was touched by the story of twelve-year-old Ivan Mwima whose fortunes changed when the team rescued him. Like most cases in Uganda, the cause of Mwima’s severe facial and hand burns is unclear but they left him with disfigured hands and unblinking eyes. His eye always had tears dripping because he could not close it to ward off flies and dust. He suffered jibes at St James Qualitative Primary School which greatly affected grades.

Ivan Mwima

After the surgery in 2011 at Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services (CoRSU) on Entebbe road, Mwima’s performance improved. He was the second in his class after the third-term exams beating 30 classmates.

According to Tienne, the humanitarian work is done in every country that Brussels Airlines has a station in.


2 responses

  1. mugenyi lisa

    Poor boy but they say never lose HOPE just find it and start allover again
    As long as yo breathing’ okay

    July 21, 2012 at 12:41 pm

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