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Detonating Bombs

Newspapers in Uganda carried the story of of  three former students of St. Mary’s College, Kisubi David Tusubira , Nigel Kinyera  and Alvin Kabwama  have invented a bomb-disarming robot at Makerere University. It turns out the same boys took part in the school’s robotics challenge that happened last year. Here is a link to the blog I posted then A couple of months later, the same guys have invented this robot minimises the harm that bomb squads may have to face during bomb detonations since it can be sent out on reconnaissance missions to replace humans in the field. It has not been tested on a real bombs yet but but its work-in-progress and they are going to continue on the project after they were admitted to Makerere University with the help of Presidential Innovations Fund-iLabs@MAK project.  The innovation could go a long way in fighting the terrorists’ threat.

Here are some shots of their latest creation.

The Robot uses NXT Technology and its still a prototype awaiting an up­graded version that is yet to be built by the university.


The explosive ordinance disposal robot is remotely controlled on a computer to navigate through relatively flat surfaces within a 20m radius.
Interaction between the ro­bot and the control computer is achieved through wireless communication.




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