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The Schools Robotics Challenge

I happened to attend the first ever Schools’ Robotics challenge in Uganda. It was held at Makerere Faculty of Technology and was organized iLabs@MAK project. Interesting stuff. Here are some of the moments I captured.The Remote controlled crane

The Remote controlled crane

The sensor controlled vehicle copyThe crane is remote controlled and the NXT Robot calculates work done or energy required to lift the different loads. To put it in simple words. These guys programmed the NXT to lift stuff using a remote. It was great.

One of the groups from Gayaza during the presentation

The whole team from Gayaza High

The winnners of the best project team from Gayaza

The Judges

Students from King's College Buddo  grab a photo opportunity with Makerere's Chancellor Prof. Mondo KagonyeraStudents from King’s College Buddo  grab a photo opportunity with Makerere’s Chancellor Prof. Mondo Kagonyera


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